Self-Study Report Manual and Template

The SSR Manual contains important information on preparing an effective Self-Study Report.

Online SSR Submission (JURA)
Beginning with the fall 2018 Site Visits, all programs will submit Self-Study Reports through JURA, an online accreditation management system. Programs will receive an email through JURA, approximately one year in advance, notifying them that the SSR is available for completion.

SSR Template through JURA
The SSR consists of the following four sections: Introduction; Preconditions to Accreditation; Accreditation Standards and Additional Information. While the online system will allow users to upload any evidence within each criterion, there are certain instances where PAB documents must be uploaded or submitted separately.

Download the Following Documents and Upload to the Appropriate Sections Within the JURA System.

  • Student and Faculty Data – This excel workbook contains a number of tables, including student and faculty composition, enrollment and graduation data, and teaching FTE. Upload in the Introduction.
  • Signatures and Contact Information – The hard-copy signature page should be mailed to PAB upon final submission for the final SSR. Upload in the Additional Information section.
  • Faculty Abbreviated CVs Cover Sheet and Template – Provide the faculty CVs using the PAB template. Abbreviated CVs for all faculty must be provided in alphabetical order, organized by A (full-time in the Program), B (part-time in Program/full-time in the University) and C (adjunct/contract/non-tenure track). Three separate PDF documents should be uploaded. Upload in Additional Information. Please include a table of contents as a cover sheet for each upload.
  • Course Syllabi Cover Sheet – Provide the course syllabi for all courses, organized in increasing course numerical order. Separate the courses into core or required courses and electives. Upload in Additional Information. Upload in Additional Information. Please include a table of contents as a cover sheet.
  • Other Evidence Cover Sheet – This section accommodates uploads of any additional evidence that does not necessarily relate to a specific criterion. Other evidence should be meaningful and directly relate to the overall accreditation standards. Upload in Additional Information. Please include a table of contents as a cover sheet.

JURA is a product that is still under development. This url will take you to the vendor website where you’ll find a growing list of user questions in lieu of an actual user manual.

Useful Documents

Reporting a Substantive Change

(File Download: 40kB)

A Substantive Change is any organizational and/or programmatic change that may affect the Program’s ability to comply with one or more of the pre-conditions to accreditation, and/or any of the PAB accreditation standards and criteria. Specific examples can be found in PAB’s Policies and Procedures Manual. Programs must notify PAB of a Substantive Change as soon as possible using this form and shall demonstrate how the change(s) will allow for continued compliance with the standards.

Training Presentations

Site Visits

Progress Report Template

(File Download: 35kB)

Use this Word document for Progress Reports which may be due May 1 or September 1. Late submissions are subject to a late fee.

PAB Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2019

A list of fees associated with accreditation including candidacy application fee, annual fee, Site Visit fee, late fee, and appeal fee.

Accreditation Cycle 2020

Accreditation Cycle 2021

Accreditation Cycle 2022

Accreditation Cycle 2023