Message From the Chair

As many of us begin a third month of stay-at-home orders, zoom meetings, online teaching and social distancing, I wanted to share the PAB’s recent activities and current plans regarding accommodations to the COVID-19 world.

First, the Board heard and appreciates the many concerns raised by programs at the ACSP Governing Board meeting on April 25. (In this case, your pain is our pain in quite the literal sense, as half the Board is university faculty and administrators.)

Second, we held our spring accreditation reviews virtually via Zoom on April 26 and 27, and from our perspective, encountered only very minor technical glitches. Overall, the Board felt the virtual medium met our needs, although we missed the warmth of in-person interactions.

Finally, given the lack of clarity regarding COVID-19 and the next few months, the Board has deferred additional adjustments to our processes until our mid-May meeting. Please note, we have extended Self-Study Report deadlines for programs with fall Site Visits, and, as noted previously, programs with concerns should contact Jesmarie Johnson directly.

It is our understanding that the ACSP Governing Board will make a decision regarding the November conference in Toronto in late May or early June. Their decision will obviously impact PAB’s fall accreditation review meeting. We are confident that these meetings can be conducted relatively easily virtually, as performed last week. With respect to the fall and spring Site Visits, the Board will continue to hear and consider programs’ concerns and we will notify you of our decisions as soon as possible.

Connie Ozawa, Ph.D.
PAB Chair
Portland State University
ACSP Planning Educator appointee 2014 – 2020

April 29, 2020

Message from the Chair, March 27, 2020

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