Amendment and Revision Procedures

PAB involves each of its constituencies and the public in reviewing all aspects of its accreditation standards. Proposals for amendments can be submitted to PAB for consideration at any time. PAB itself will consider the need for such revisions on an ongoing basis as part of its regular duties. Final approval, authority, and responsibility for revising the accreditation policies, procedures, and standards, however, rests with the PAB.

Proposals for Amendments and Revisions
Proposals for amending accreditation standards shall first be submitted to the PAB for review and recommendation. If PAB recommends an amendment to the standards, the PAB will notify the AICP president and the ACSP president. Notices regarding the proposed amendment will be: placed on the PAB website and in APA/AICP and ACSP publications; directed to administrators of accredited and non-accredited programs and their chief executive officers; and directed to other specialized accreditation bodies recognized by CHEA. All parties will be invited to submit their comments within thirty (30) days of the respective notices. At the end of the thirty (30) days those comments regarding the proposed amendment will be placed on the PAB website.

Following review of these comments, PAB may revise the proposed amendment before forwarding it to the AICP Commission, the APA Board, the ACSP Governing Board, and placing it on the PAB website. A second thirty (30) day comment period follows, at the end of which the PAB will consider advisory recommendations from the AICP commission in consultation with the APA Board and the ACSP Governing Board, as well as any other comments received. PAB may further revise the proposed amendment prior to taking official action for final approval.

Additional information on the Standards Revision Process is found in Section 9 of The Policies and Procedures Manual

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