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Student and Faculty Data

This webpage provides student and faculty composition data, as reported in the PAB Annual Report.

Data on Accredited Programs

This webpage provides supplemental data collected from accredited programs through the PAB Annual Report. It also includes resources and publications produced by PAB or our partner organizations.

Noteworthy Practices

This document identifies noteworthy practices of accredited programs towards compliance with PAB’s accreditation standards, as assessed by Site Visit Teams. While the actions/practices identified were part of a program’s successful efforts to meet the respective criterion, any action alone will not necessarily constitute compliance with a specific criterion.

Outcomes Assessment

This webpage provides additional information and resources related to outcomes assessment, presentation of public information, and a compilation of Performance Indicators reported by programs undergoing [re]accreditation. Performance indicators are measures or tools used to collect data for evidence that objectives have been achieved with regard to student learning and achievement.

History of Accreditation Decisions and Site Team Assessments

A summary of accreditation terms granted by PAB and the distribution of less than fully-met compliance with accreditation standards as assessed by Site Visit Teams

PAB Panel Presentations

This webpage provides the panel presentations for the PAB-sponsored sessions held each year at the national conferences of both the American Planning Association (APA) and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP).

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