Student and Faculty Data

All accredited programs are required to submit Annual Reports each January 31, wherein they report demographic data on students and faculty as of December 31 of the prior year. Data collected since 2010 is available in a dynamic online database searchable by region, state, institution type or degree level. Data available includes student race and ethnicity by gender and enrollment status; foreign students by gender and enrollment status; faculty race and ethnicity by gender and teaching status; foreign faculty by gender and teaching status; faculty with AICP status; and student/teaching faculty ratio.

The Annual Report Online Database (AROD) for Student and Faculty Composition in PAB-accredited Programs

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The spreadsheets below date to the PAB’s initial data collection period, prior to the development of the AROD database. The race and ethnicity tables in the 2009 Annual Report were updated to match US Census categories. In 2010, the Annual Report was transitioned to a web-based application.

The following reports provide aggregate data from the PAB Annual Report on faculty and students enrolled in PAB-accredited programs. Report data includes: student enrollment by race and ethnicity; foreign student enrollment; faculty headcount and status; faculty race and ethnicity; foreign faculty; and mean faculty per institution.

Student Enrollment in PAB-accredited Programs, 2008 – 2019 (PDF)

Actual Graduates from PAB-accredited Programs AY 2009/10 to 2018/19 (PDF)

Other Resources

Report on Race, Ethnicity, and Foreign Origin Data for ACSP, produced by ACSP Diversity Committee
2018 Report (PDF)
2016 Report (PDF)
2014 Report (PDF)

1985 article by Don Krueckeberg, The Tuition of American Planning; From Dependency Toward Self-Reliance (PDF), provides historic information on planning school enrollment data and shifting alliances between design and social science. Copyright © Liverpool University Press.

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Student and Faculty Data

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